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What is it? You car’s belts and hoses are essential to the cooling, air conditioning and charging systems, and the engine. Don’t take these routine replacement intervals for granted because they can break down and leave you stranded. What does it do? The timing belt keeps the crankshaft and camshaft…

6 Years of Fun with Special Olympics Families

Each year, around the middle of September, Greg Whitsitt (that’s the big boss here), does his best to offer a special fun day to all those participants of the Special Olympics… and their families. Local organizations get together at the Whitsett house for a day of fun, fishing, and general…

Windshield washer fluid

As the colder months are coming washer fluid if not mixed correctly can and will damage your washer fluid system by freezing.  When freezing it will burst the lines, tank, nozzles, and pump.  Make sure the washer fluid is good to at least 0 degrees.  There are alternatives at most…

A/C Button

Hot Weather And No A/C

It’s almost May and hot weather is coming to Arkansas and Oklahoma. We are used to that kind of weather, but that doesn’t mean we want to suffer without cool air in the cars we drive. That’s why it seems like every other phone call we take at our shop…