Your tires can be a maintenance reminder!

One of the most important safety issues to look at before a road trip is the tires. Correct tire pressure will improve fuel mileage and will keep the tire temperature as cool as possible. Weather-cracking along the bead area and side wall needs to be looked at closely,  tread depth should also be checked, and tires should at a minimum of 2/32nds of a inch deep. Remember, 70% of all tire failures happen in the last 30% of the tread life.

When your tires get to that point, it’s time to have some other things looked at as well by a trusted mechanic.  Your vehicle should be put on a hoist and the underneath should be inspected for leaks, all belts and hoses should be inspected, wheels should be removed and the brakes inspected,  and all fluids should be checked and topped off .

And of course, last but not least, don’t forget to change your wiper blades!

Author: Greg